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    I'm from Amarillo. The REAL windy city

    Ryan here,from Amarillo, Tx. the second windiest city in the states where the daily average wind speed is
    14 mph. AVERAGE. The other day I thought it would be ok to stay inside because it was blowing steady at 40, gusting to 50. Needless to say our cycling opportunities are seized with a vengeance.
    I like riding in the city more than on an isolated country road, but I ride a road bike.
    Mostly, anyways because something always gets too silly when I'm on my off road bike.
    I have three bikes: The Fast one, the broke one, and the old one.
    If you live near me, hit me up and we'll ride.

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    Welcome to BF.

    Quote Originally Posted by Razorhoof View Post
    I have three bikes: The Fast one, the broke one, and the old one.
    What bikes do you have? Got pics?

    Stop by the Texas regional subforum to meet locals to ride with.

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