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    Hello Bikeforums...

    I'm not a total newb to cycling or to forums. I just re-entered the cycling world after a seven year hiatus due to my love of sports cars. I have two bikes. Both are starter bikes and very low cost. The first bike that I have had for 11 years a $600(mid '90s) Diamondback Centurion road bike. Nothing very special about it, bone stock to this day. I still ride it once in a blue.

    The newer of the two cycles is a dual suspension mtb cheapy I bought off Ebay. It's actually not that bad. I thought I might get a junk, but really all I needed to do was "nut & bolt" it and tune it up. For a commuter this bike soaks up bumps quite well and I can use it as a weekend warrior when I want to.

    I'm a large man (5' 11" 310#s) trying to re-enter the cycling world for health purposes and to enjoy the outdoors which have seemed disappear in today's hectic world.

    So far I have been commuting from work (hooking a ride to work until I get my stamina up) four days a week.

    I have in the mail a Topeak trunk bag with panniers, Topeak QR rack, Topeak Tour Guide handle bar bag, Topeak Panoram computer, and a set of Avid mechanical disk brakes.

    My current Avid 2.0 canto brakes squeal like that's their job, don't get me wrong, they will endo me over the bar if I wanted to, but they make such a loud noise that you can hear me braking from two or three blocks away. I'm hoping that the disk brakes cure this.

    I also decided that I'm going to give clip-less pedals a try. I've always wanted to because of the claimed efficiency increase. After reading review after review of potential shoes I finally decided that I'm going to bite the bullet on a set of Sidi Eagle 4s (like the dominators) and Crank Brothers Candy SL pedals.

    My goals are to commute to and from work and save my project car Mustang GT (5.4DOHC 330+HP) for the weekend.

    What is the general consensus on the Candy SL pedals?

    I have read many positive things about Eggbeaters in general. A friend thought the learning curve might be too steep for a first timer and suggested something with a platform. I love well engineered components and the Candy pedals seemed to fit the bill a little better than the child-like platforms offered on the Mallet series. Although I'm sure those pedals have a place or Crank Brothers wouldn't be making them.

    I'm also an amateur photographer. I've done some portraits, and lots of landscape. I'm hoping all this Topeak gear will allow me to safely carry my camera gear with me on rides.

    I hope to gleam as much information from your minds as I can and look forward to meeting any of you Nutmeggers (CT) on the trails.

    If anyone has any suggestions or comments/advice on my setup, please feel free to offer me your ideas. I'm very open minded.


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    what is it with these avid 2.0's? they squeal so loud, they drive me crazy. I can't seem to figure out just how the heck to get them to stop Did you try changing the brake pads??


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