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    Hello from Klamath Falls, Oregon

    Hi, I just found this forum in my search for a bicycle and a couple of related items. Looks like an informative place to be.

    I used to ride a bike all the time; I didn't have a driver's license until I was 31. But I haven't ridden or owned a bike in quite a while, and don't know a lot about the new ones. Now I'm concerned about the possibility of gas continuing to go up in price, or maybe even becoming unavailable at some point. We live twelve miles from town (if we were closer I'd just walk, as I hate riding on the shoulder of a highway, especially when there really isn't one), so I figure it's time to look into alternative transportation. I need a bike that will serve as a durable, reliable workhorse for hauling stuff, including heavy loads of feed for my animals, and yet be fairly speedy on the trip back and forth to town -- mostly fairly level, but there are a couple of hills -- and be comfortable. At the same time, my 24-y-o mentally handicapped daughter is informing me in no uncertain terms that if I get a bike, she gets one (LOL!!). She's autistic, and when she's not happy we hear about it! The last time we bought bikes for her older sisters, she was ten. She didn't get one, because she couldn't ride one, and she threw a hissy fit for two days. So, I've got to figure out some way for her to ride with me. But she has poor balance, and she doesn't have the judgement to ride independently, so I was hoping to find something (affordable) similar to the tag along bikes for children. A tandem won't work as I need to be able to ride by myself most of the time, pulling a trailer. And, the whole package can't cost a fortune, as we are on a fixed income here. So any ideas are welcome! I have contacts who do welding, so if necessary, we might be able to cobble something up ourselves, but it would be easier to find something readymade.



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    I'm the one who sent you the private email to which you responded.

    Hope you can find what you need.

    Enjoy your biking.

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