I started riding to work last fall after taking 10 year break from bike riding. I started riding to work in March this year, but caught a bad virus that kept me sick for almost 4 weeks, so I just started riding more regularly about 6 weeks ago. I really like being able to get to work on my bike and I love the challenge of trying to bring down my time, which also brings down my weight. I commutte 17 miles one way on a fairly busy route, but I also have the privelege of riding about 6 to 8 miles on a bike trail, which is great. I look forward to finding some local weekend rides where I can get to know other cyclists and increase the length of my rides. One of my goals is to try a race later this year after I am in better shape. In addition, I am glad to find a cycling forum with so many people that have cycling in common.
Riding on!