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Thread: hello from DC

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    hello from DC

    New member of the forums and (relatively) new resident of the District. I spent 2 years biking around NYC and Brooklyn for commuting/fun and now in DC rely even more on it because the Metro:

    1) has fewer stops and therefore is not as useful as the NYC subway and
    2) is a pay based on distance/time of day system, unlike the monthly metro card standard in NYC.

    No big deal though, biking saves me time and money and the core of the city (the "city" part of the District) is small enough to get anywhere in 20 minutes max!

    Anyway, I will probably be coming up with a lot of noob questions - I'm not new to biking, but i'm new to taking it seriously and knowing/understanding my bike and taking care of it.



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    welcome to bike forums...

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