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    Hi all
    i hope you are all well
    My name is alex I live in west yorkshireand i love offroad muddy trails
    As im sure many of you did,i started out on a rubbish bike that i skidded on every corner...
    needless to say i soon got bored put the bike in the shed and left it for many yrs.
    2 years ago I started my paperround pulled out my bike fixed it up and used it. the problemis im almost 16 on a 16 inch frameit doesnt go too well.
    I persauded my parents to let me buy a bike off a freind which is an alpine stars model which im told are quite rare nowadays used that for a fewmonths before buying another "10 pound bike" pretty soon i had about 10 bikes luying around which i made into one "superbike"..needless to say it was crap.
    Formy birthday my parents..(being parents) went into halfords bought the first bike the assistant showed them.
    That is my current bike. it as my name says is a shockwave full sus 850.front forks,mechanical disks, i recently up graded to rapid fire and a new rear shimano shifter after an incedant which involved the shifter going intothe wheel and the chain snapping which resulted in tenmiles of up hill pushing.
    the biekhas served me well and I use it everyday. I go tracking on it and hunting in the woods on it.
    Im hoping i will find these forums very useful and i will try to make myself as useful as possible

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    Welcome to bike forums...

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