Hello I'm new to the site. I guess it was appropriate to introduce myself to the site in the introductions forum. I'm a noobie cyclist I suppose. I've been riding for about 2 years now; started riding to simply commute from work and back. I got really into it and started going into longer rides. Sold my cruddy toys r us bike after a month and upgraded to a mountain bike. Soon after I bought a 2008 Fuji road bike; it's the love of my life. XD Worth every penny.

My rides back then were no longer than 10 miles long. My speed wouldn't go past 15 mph. Two years later now, my rides are between 25-40 miles long and reaching speeds between 19-30 mph. There's nothing better than going down hill at 34 mph while your heart beats at 170 bpm, wind blasting towards you as your leg's muscles feel the burning sensation due to lactic acid build up. I only feel free when cycling; it's that awesome.