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    hello from a new member


    After years of not riding I decided it is time to start again. I used to ride mostly for transportation when I was in school and by accident became somewhat good at it. I had a Raleigh Record and it served me very well although it was somewhat heavy and not exactly a top of the line bike.

    Later I needed a job while living in Chicago and took a job as a bike messenger for a short time, it was a great yet somewhat harrowing experience dodging cabs in the loop and on Lower Wacker Drive.

    So yesterday I bought a Raleigh on Ebay, I'm not exaxctly sure what model it is. The serial number makes it a 1971 with Reynolds 531 tubing but beyond that I'm not sure. It was advertised as a Competition GS but they weren't made in '71, but it does have Campi pedals, cranks, seat post, gearing - but the brake are side pull DiaComp(probably a replacement). It looks like it has been repainted black with Raleigh script lettering from a 3 speed, so I will find out. for all I know it may be another Record.


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    Welcme to bike forums...

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