I started out reading the SS/FG photos thread as I am interested in getting one. I recently bought a 2009 GT Outpost because that is what I thought I wanted. I was riding a cheap Canadian Tire MTB with a defective front derailleur that would not let me select the outer chainring. I have been using that cheap bike as a single speed most of the time. I use it for riding to work, and keep the GT for pleasure riding.

I am considering converting the old bike to a single speed, as it can be done cheaply, and I can see how I like the concept :-) If I decide that SS is for me, well, I just might sell the GT and buy a Giant Bowery. Or a Specialized Langster (New York? there is a 2008 available for a reduced price). Maybe a Cannondale Capo. Masi is available here, too..

Anyway, hi, folks.