Hello everyone,
My name is Kelvin Batista. I live in nyc. I've been a locksmith for a good time now and I consider myself to be mechanically inclined. I am currently a mechanical engineering student but i must say i got a thing for sociology. My bike riding began last year as a mean of transportation between my house, school and work. I have a car and can easily take public transportation but going to school at night means I don't have time for my after work activities which used to include rock climbing and running so I decided to incorporate bike riding to allow me to get a little exercise in without affecting my busy schedule. As soon as i started riding my Hyper-Focus kicked in and i was hooked. I recently got a new bike(Bianchi Fremont) and I love it. Its really light, quick and very fun. I added my Bontrager rack and completed the setup with my Trek interchange bags and panniers. I'm always looking for the next best thing and i am a sucker for intelligent and innovative engineering. My next bike could be anything from a beach cruiser to a Big Dummy. I cant decide. see you guys around. (percenter@gmail.com)