Been getting linked to here for years doing searches for product reviews, i finially signed up.

Born and raised in NJ, lived in Ohio for 8 years, Mississppi for 2 and finially back to the east coast this coming august in Brooklyn.

ive been riding for 5 years now, started out as a 20 mile daily commute on a mongoose hybrid and eventually turned into a full on fixed gear obsession. ( dont worry i dont condone putting $10 colored chains and aerospokes on $400 frames. )

i have putting down alot of miles this summer so far with my most recent long ride being around 80 miles with some stupid big hills riding fixed without a brake. ( caliper broke, never ment to go that far, long story, dont recommend it. )

i look forward to getting involved in nyc's fixed scene and meeting new people and going on rides.

im 26 years old and thanks to riding ive been totally refueled.