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Thread: noob from pa

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    noob from pa

    well like the title says im from pa i just started getting into biking again my kid is getting to the age when she will want a bike so i needed to get one also and a little exercise wouldnt hurt here is the bike i picked up localy on craigslist ts a western flyer with a 3 speed in the hub never seen anything like this but i like it i want to do a lowrider build with it but i dont wont to ruin it if it is worth any $$ so if anyone knows anything about this bike any info would be great everthing is original and in great shape

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    It looks too nice condition to mod - just replace the chain, check and adjust the wheel bearings and brakes (does the 3 sp hub also include a coaster brake?). Find one that is beat up to make a low rider.

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