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    Hi from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Hello to all,

    I am Luiz from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    I rediscovered the pleasure of cycling after many years when I was studying English at ELI - University of Delaware. I used a single speed bike to commute everyday to ELI. Since that time, I assembled and owned many bikes (road, touring, and single speed -

    A few years ago, I did a good chunk of the St. James Way in Spain with my wife.

    Right now I am finishing the conversion of my Airborne Ti Zeppelin to a fixed bike, which is a mix of vintage with more modern parts (Eno eccentric hub and vintage Campy Pista fluted crankset).

    This forum is full of info about everything and it is precious in helping to choose the adequate stuff that fits well to my bikes and gives me the opportunity to share my experience on assembling bikes.

    Thank you to all,


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    Welcome to bike forums...

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