I know what you are thinking ... New York city right? Wrong. I live 2 hours north of syracuse and if you don't know where that is let me give you a hint...7 hours north of "the city" And - as a newspaper once described it "a snowball throw from Canada"!

Ummm...What do I ride? Not much yet, I have plans to build my own recumbent sooner or later. I have and always will be scavenging busted and broken "department store"(wal-mart, ect.) bikes-just for the parts.

How long have I been riding? Well, I still have the frame of my first bike that had 12"? tires. Then Dad accidently ran over it with the 4-wheeler! But other that that...not much long distance riding. I think my longest trip was 10 miles!! I know, kind of pitiful for a "farmer boy" who lives 7 miles out of town!

I know that I will be kept busy trying to keep up on here!!

PS- I mentioned that I might build my own recumbent right? There is a old bike shop that went out of buissness years ago nearby and I have a chance to get all of the contents at a extremly good price.

So I am exited!!!!!