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    Hi from Vancouver...

    I found this site by doing a Google search for "bicycling touring forum".

    I am planning my first solo, self-supported, cross country tour of Canada for next year, starting from my home base in Vancouver, in addition to doing a "mini" excursion to Anchorage, AK sometime before the big adventure. I've been reading/researching A LOT on touring and just by perusing some of the topics on this busy board, I think I can't go too terribly wrong.

    Not much to say in terms of introductions, but I do enjoy biking. It has always been a casual love affair, but since changing my lifestyle, it has become somewhat of an all-consuming passion! I've owned several mountain bikes through the years, but never a touring bike, making me a complete newbie in this regard. There is so much great information on this board, I think I will really like it here.

    I look forward to chatting with all of you in the future!

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    Make sure you stop in Edmonton for some of our hospitality.

    I am planning on doing the same thing in 2015.

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