The computer is not one of my best friends, but here goes. Most of my riding is on a 14 year old Kestrel 200 SCi frame with updated parts, including the fork. Being old, I added a triple. In addition to a spin class, I've tried to get in at least one or two rides a week in for the past few years, mostly in the 20 to 40mile range. Some years have been better than others.

Althought I got the road bike first, most of my friends were into mountain biking, so I got a Titus Quasimoto and for several years we mostly went mountain biking. In the back of my mind, however, I always thought about "going somewhere".

In 2004, I did the unexpected. I bought a Trek 520, packed it up in a box and went to Italy. While my wife and family got on a cruise ship in Venice, my friend Barry and I set out on an adventure. With the help of several Rick Steve's travel books, various Touring Club Italiano maps, numerous web downloads and a great amount of luck (luckily we ran into a professional bike tour group on the way to Porto Viro, and after helping several novice riders fix flats, the guides let us follow their direction makers from there to Florence) we managed, in spite of my very limited Italian, to make it from Lido di Venezia to Porto Viro, Ravenna, Faenza, Florence, Siena, San Gimiano and, with some help from the Italian railroad, Rome. We rode our bikes from the Rome terminal to our hotel, but I'll never do that again!

Although my rides are mostly in the San Francisco bay area, in the back of my mind..... That is why I joined your forum. I look forward to reading your discussions and hopefully adding something of interest.

Thanks to all!