Ok, as the title says, "confused" and that is not be confused with anything other than being a mountain biker or road biker- HA! I'm a competitive XC mountain biker gone road...but mountain biking is still my preference at least for now. I ride three days a week, 2 days road, and 1 day mountain. Admittedly road riding is more fun than I expected and it is so convenient compared to driving to a trail head. The transition into road has been pretty seemless and I could hold a pretty good pace in 20's.

I started with a Trek Soho 1x9, exchanged that for a FX 7.6, exchanged that for a full carbon FX 7.9 which was pretty fricken awesome and now exchanged that for a Project One Madone 5.2. This was all over the course of a year, so you can see my reluctance to go full road but in the end I'm glad I did. I have to add JAX bikes has the best customer service around. I could have purchased each bike at a cheaper price from another place, but I would not have had the option to return and upgrade like I did.

Look for me on PCH on Fridays and Sunday mornings or hit me up if you are local ie. Seal Beach, Huntington Beach... if you want to do some riding. I usually ride from Sunset Beach to Newport Coast Highway where I will hit Ridge Park Road for a little hill climb and loop back.