Hello all

My google searches continue to bring me here, so I figured I'd best get registered.

My riding preference leans pretty strongly towards mountain biking. I generally ride cross country style trails and am not much on big air. I am involved with a Chicago area trail care organization called CAMBr West that maintains and builds a handful of trail systems in the west burbs.

I started riding back in '96 at the age of 35 and have made a lot of friends through riding. Riding helped me to get involved with a Spinning class which I led for about 7 years and it has taken me to the east coast, west coast and a few place in between.

Over these years I have always had a soft spot for discarded bikes/throwaways and always find myself pulling over, backing up or going around the block to rescue an old bike. After a few years I began to amass a small collection of road bikes and at some point last fall I decided to strip a half a dozen of them down and post on CL. I posted these frames at a flat rate and was surprised at the response I received on one frame in particular which really aroused my interest. In the last 9 months I have found/bought and sold more bikes and frames than I can remember. My mechanical skills are still lacking but continue to improve and I have learned a great deal. Many of my informational queries have brought me to the Vintage depatment here and I would like to extend a thank you to it's very knowledgable members.

Happy Trails............r0ckh0und