I have started a number of threads the past week and gotten some great knowledge and advice. What a great community you have here.... I wanted to introduce myself because I plan to stick around.

I live in Baltimore and, like most, cycling has been a progression over the years. I started mountain biking in college. When I moved to the city I bought my first steel road bike for $50 off of craigslist. A few years later I converted it to a fixie. Then I started buying modern road bikes and riding constantly. I try to ride everyday... I commute on my fixie and spend my evenings and weekends mountain biking and (semi) long distance road biking.

I am just starting to become an amateur bike mechanic. This forum has been essential.

The bikes:

1. 2007 Giant TCX cyclocross. This is my newest and fastest bike. I love it.

2. Early 80s Trek touring bike, steel lugged. Currently a fixed-gear, I am in the process of re-converting this to a road bike with classic components.

3. 2005 Specialized Hard Rock. This bike has a billion hard and muddy miles on it. It has conquered the Piedmont through brute force. It will likely be replaced soon for something lighter.

4. Early 90's Bianchi Europa (steel lugged racer). I just bought this for my wife and turned it into a sweet city bike. I still claim it as my own.

Thanks for indulging me. See you around...