Greetings, all. I'm brand-new to these forums and wanted to leave a quick introduction...

My name is Nathan, I'm a 27-year old man from the Midwest and I own and enjoy principally antique/classic bicycles (30+ years old). To this point, I've been collecting Schwinns although my newest addition is a "his and hers" pair of English 1964 Armstrong 3-speeds. I also have a 1968 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray, a 1969 Schwinn Deluxe Twinn, a 1972 Schwinn Hollywood and a 1975 Schwinn Breeze.

I will take part primarily in the vintage/antique and restoration threads as that is where my "expertise" lies. Feel free to ask any questions of me. I also have a small supply of parts and will keep my eyes open for requests.

Great to be here!