I'm a newbie to the forums and road biking. I've been looking to upgrade my current bike and my google searches kept bringing me to informative threads here, so I figured I should register.

My current bike is an old 1993 Bianchi Main Street hybrid, converted for road duty with road bike handlebars and cityride tires. I got it as a commuter bike back in grad school, and then it sat gathering dust in the garage in the 10 years since. With a much needed tune-up, tt was good enough to train for and complete the America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride century around Tahoe earlier this month, with Team in Training, but at 30# it's not really what I want to be riding long term. But training for and riding the century gave me the bike riding bug, so I'm hoping to keep going for the long haul, and the info around here will be a great help for buying, maintaining, upgrading, and riding.