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    Howdy from Palm Springs

    I a new to the forum but hardly new to bike riding. I can remember my first bike way back when. My friends like to suggest that they did not know the bike had been invented yet when I was young. Well actually I grew up in NYC and I could not afford my own bike in those days so instead I cannabilized the bikes that my older siblings had left behind as the moved out of the house and created a Raleigh 3 speed mutt. That thing was so cool. I drove my mom nuts riding that all over Manhattan dodging in and out of traffic and giving the cabbies the one finger wave as we competed for space on the road. I was 13 or 14 at the time and thought I was virtually indestructible and oh so much more clever than these fools stuck in their big metal machines lurching by inches while I zoomed past them on my way to where ever I wanted to go in NYC. For a reference frame this was about 1965. It is a miracle I never got run over in all those years.
    Fast forward to now - I am living in Palm Springs, CA and I search for those wonderful bike paths where I do not have to compete with anything more ominous than an occasional jack rabbit or field mouse. We actually have some paths out here where we have to compete with golf carts. I have actually given a few of them the one finger wave. It seems they think they have right of way over everything.
    I am looking for anybody that likes to ride at night down here. The temperatures during the day can be a bit oppressive. I broke my back in January and I am using the bike along with working out at The Basic Gym to finish the rehab on my back so I can get back to work.
    Anybody else out here in the desert want to go riding at night???

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    Howdy! I used to live in PS and rode my Trek 820 all over Desert Hot Springs when I lived there too. Palm Springs Cyclery was always pretty good. We (family) used to ride the paths near Ramon and Farrell down to the downtown area. Those golf course rides are some of the best. Watch out for bats in the evening!

    Have fun riding in a great town.

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