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    Hello from Goshen, Indiana

    Hey Everybody!

    Clayton here from Goshen, Indiana. After a year of service, in Raleigh, NC with a program called Service Adventure I headed back to college. With in that year my mode of transportation was a bike! I have always liked biking and just love single track. I decided to join the fixie craze and build one of my own. Its been 4 months now, thanks to money and summer jobs, I am with in a few days of completing it! Also have an old schwinn racer that I've taken apart and will be doing a cleaning/overhaul on. I also like to be around cars, german cars really, and enjoy riding motorcycle.

    Well look for some more of me as I run into problems building my bike up, like one I just got today where my stem doesn't fit in the fork tube....

    See you all around!

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    Doooood, hopefully you posted this into the maintenance forum cause they could have helped you - but I know myself that doesn't sound like a big issue - LBS sweetie (local bike shop fyi)

    And glad to see another member of the commuter force too!!!


    Oh - and welcome

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