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    Vintage Bike Newbie

    Fellow fans,

    Hello from Whidbey Island, Washington, home of some of the best cycling roads (if not weather) on the planet!

    I'm a career Navy Chief Petty Officer, with over 21 years active duty. Just got back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and am currently back onboard my ship, the USS John C. Stennis homeported in Bremerton, WA.

    I grew up in Washington and my first bike was a 1973 Schwinn Apple Krate. I've owned a lot of bikes over the years, and have ridden every one I've collected. Today, I lean towards Italian steel, but would one day like to own a mid-70s Paramount and add a Jack Taylor to the stable so I can represent the other side of the pond. Colnagos are my favorite - the first super-bike I ever saw. I am currently restoring a 1973 Molteni Super that will - sorry! - be ridden again as soon as it's built.

    I discovered an interest - and subsequently, and aptitude - for replicating 70s Drillium about three years ago. I did this at first for myself, then for a friend - who subsequently suggested I come up with something different and list it on Ebay. Since then, I've trickled out things for myself, my friend and the occasional Ebay auction. Just recently, upon return from Afghanistan, I was contacted by a CR list member who was interested in commissioning a job. That turned out well and I did a second piece for him shortly after finishing the first. It's really just a hobby, but it's fun and if I can make a bit of money doing it, well who am I to complain?

    I've always found postings on these forums fascinating, but never joined for whatever reason. I guess I just felt that now was as good a time as any. I always like looking at other's bikes; wondering what kind of background story is behind them. I certainly feel an affinity for any bike guy/girl who goes that one step further and personalizes their ride.

    Be seeing you around! I hope I can be of assistance in some areas and gain knowledge in others.

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    Welcome to bike forums...

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    Welcome to the forums and THANK YOU for your years of service to keep me and my family free and safe!
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