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Thread: route verte

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    route verte

    -kpete art & political junkie who requires daily exercise.
    just walk me once a day (better yet cycle me) and I am good to go.

    It is my husband's 60th next week. We are going to Montreal! His b-day wish is to do a century ride. This is a surprise trip and I have some questions.

    1. Should we take our own (Specialized) bikes or rent up there?

    2. Any suggestions for a great century ride (so far our longest ride has been 64miles - but lots of hills).
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    Welcome to BF.

    1. Take your bikes. Can you imagine riding 100 miles on a bike that may or may not fit comfortably?
    2. Don't rush thru the ride. Conserve your energy. Ride at a slightly lower speed than your usual ride. Don't pass any rest stops. Stop and relax while eating and drinking and refilling your bottles.

    Since he's 60 (and I'm guessing you're over 50 also ) stop by the 50+ forum and say hello to the "old farts".

    Good luck with the century and have fun.
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    Definetly bring your own bikes. Describe the type of century you are looking for; hilly, flat or combo, leaving from the city proper or wherever you are staying or are you willing to drive and leave from there?


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