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    Question about a Schwinn

    Hello! I am new to the semi-serious cycling world. I will be competing in my first sprint triathlon this August. I have been training on a high quality mountain bike but I just can't help but think I would go faster on something more suited to this type of riding. I don't want to spend much b/c I'm not sure if I will compete again but I also may do it every year. Anyhow, I found a Schwinn on craigslist for sale. The person is asking $100 which I think is a little steep, however, I don't know much about bikes and what they are worth. Here is the link to the bike: When was the last time they made this bike? What should I offer? I know the condition is hard to tell by the pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    1. That's a really annoying font you got going there.

    2. Judging by the decals, it's a late 80s/early 90s bike... check the catalogs here. Looks like about a 27 lb. bike. The World was close to the bottom of the Schwinn line. Still, not a bad bike for the money. That bike looks pretty tall... are you about 6 feet?
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