I have been riding for twelve or thirteen years, my first bike was a Minigoose, I still have it. My latest bike is also a Mongoose, 26", FS 21-speed that I have had for a little over a month and ride most everything with. I am a Swamp Rat from Rainier, Oregon, homeschooled, and love most things mechanical. I am not given to eloquent speech, but tend to be politely, and on occasion brutally, honest. I dislike most animals due to owning so many, but I dislike more those who neglect their animals. I hunt yearly, fish occasionally, tie my own flies, enjoy shooting for the sake of shooting, and feel a strange attraction to things that are sharp, shiny, accurate, fast, or blow up. I am soon to be an Eagle Scout, would like to join the military, and later own some kind of tinker's shop. Guess that's it.