Hello all, I have been lurking for a while trying to figure out how to include our 2 year old in the fun. after seeing what a great community you have I decided to sign up.

I am originally from Long Island NY my wife is from Bay City Michigan. We Live in Knoxville TN with our 2 year old son, 5 cats and dog (all homeless/rescues). I am a self employed Systems Administrator and My wife was a vet tech before her current position as a stay at home mom.

neither of us had been on a bicycle in years before last weekend. see this thread for details

I am down from 275 lbs 2 years ago to about 210 right now. I am about to start pushing myself more as dieting has not yielded any more weight loss. its time to start getting more cardio/weight training to get the rest off. bicycling was a natural progression as I cannot run/jog for very long (ankles start hurting) since a motorcycle wreck a few years back.

glad to be a part of your community