i am approaching 59 but still act a lot younger (gets me in trouble sometimes). 2-wheels have been a significant part of my entire life. after the usual childhood versions i spend a couple of years in greece where i saw my first "real" bikes. i used my bike to deliver papers in high school and then took off for the sky for 4 years. after the service (in order to support my beer habit at college) i answered an ad for a bke repair person. i really didn't know much about 10 speeds at the time but it was a fuji shop so I had to learn quickly. got my first s-10s and that was it. with my long hair and beard flowing in the breeze, i headed off into the wind. we had a good group of folks and rode for a number of years - not racing but just riding all over nj. several years later i happened upon a 1978 trek. it was all reynolds double butted with campy with a stronglight crank - it was - and is still hot. it is kinda nice toolig around on a virtual antique. i got a 7500 hybrid a few years ago but don't really give it the justice it deserves. oh - i also just bought my second harley, moving up from a dyna glide to a full tilt ultra classic. believe it or not my bicycle skills have kept me safe on the big bike. i am getting a little too big and slow lately so i just got my garmin 705 and am going to hit the trail again on the trek. i am going to lose 20 pounds or else.