Hi! My name's Allie and I'm from Staten Island, NY. (Or "the forgotten borough of NYC.") I'm extremely new to cycling and currently in the market for a decent bike. I would like to start off riding recreationally (on trails and streets throughout the neighborhood) and eventually work my way up to commuting- and utilitarian-biking. (And when I say eventually, I mean it: maybe years from now, after I set down roots in a more bike-friendly part of the city.)

At the moment, I'm a full-time grad student, working part-time at a college library. (I'm in school to be a librarian. There is more education in front of me, too, as I will need a second Master's degree. D'oh!) Needless to say, my budget for a bike is rather low and I barely have time to eat and sleep... so it's all about baby steps.

In my bike-related research, I've often ended up here at Bike Forums... so I decided it was high time to register and make myself known. I hope to learn a lot more from all you knowledgeable folks!

See you around,