I sort of stumbled across this forum, while doing research and decided it wouldn't hurt to join. I was an avid rider when i was in my teenage years (Mostly street style BMX bikes). My dad always encouraged my brothers and I to go bike riding, and I have some awesome Memories hitting the trail from Sacramento to Old Sacramento on a POS 10spd. It was a brutal at the time round trip of about 20 miles. We'll lately I have really been into getting into shape (didn't like the man in the mirror as they say). I flipped on the TV and caught leg 7 of the 09 Tour De France, and I have to say it really inspired me. Which is why I am here, I am looking to learn what is Good vs Bad, techniques, and possibly what is a good starter bike. I have looked at 2 Local Cycle shops (currently live in Fort Lauderdale, FL) and found a Giant Defy 3 for $750 and a Scott (something) for around $699. I am only 24 and not exactly rich. So the most i would ideally like to spend is $700-ish. Any advice and recommended websites for parts/accessories/information would be greatly appreciated.