Been riding for ## (many, many) years, with some moments of gasoline driving madness mixed in. Have been riding consistently again since 2003. Do mostly road riding, with lots of climbing (we have lot of great passes here in Colorado) and century riding. Ride a 2005 Specialized Roubaix Pro mostly. On occasions ride a Gary Fisher Fast City - it a cross/hybrid. I have two sets of wheels - a road set and a 38cm set for semi off road.

Try to do 2-3,000 miles a year with a few century rides every year. Have done the famous Colorado TripleByPass a few times. That's not a surgical procedure, but if you are not in shape it might lead to one. It's a one day 120 miles (193km) with 10,500+ ft (3200m) of climbing at altitudes up to 12,000 ft (3,657m), that includes three major mountain passes. Good for the lungs.

We also have the Mt Evans climb from Idaho Springs - 27.4 miles, 6,915 climbing feet and a final elevation of 14,130 ft (4,307m). The record to do it (not mine ) is 1:41:20. Wow! I know I came down faster than that!!!!!! You can do it any day of the week (closed in winter), but once a year (3rd Sat in July) it's an actual race event.

We have 30-40 paved passes you can ride. Do both sides plus Mt. Evans (can only do one side by road!!) and you have a lot of climbing. And these are just the major passes.

A great place to train. Lance has even moved here (to Aspen) to train for the TdF. I want to do a multi day (5-7) event next summer, with multiple passes.

My wife also rides (carbon Trek ProjectOne). Now we are trying to decide if we want to get a tandem. So, off to the tandem forum.