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    Just Lax'n in Tampa

    Just wanted to make a quick intro.

    Been out of cycling for awhile but have come around to my senses and tuned up the wheels again.

    Have to say its mostly due to the fact that I'm feeling my age (40) and can't play lacrosse competitively with the newest crop of kids that are half my age. I'm still an active coach and director for our local athletic association for lacrosse and soccer, but my kids have pushed me back into cycling and I can honestly say that I had forgot what a pleasurable experience it can be.

    As far as hardware, I've only got an older GT Karakoram hardtail, in that mango orange color that was so popular a decade ago; but its outfitted with a plentiful supply of XTR parts so it still works like a charm.

    As I stated previously, my two older kids (6 and 8 yrs) have been a major influence to get me back on the road and they can't seem to get enough of their new OCC Stingrays.

    Anyway, we're just relaxing down here in Tampa and enjoying being on two wheels again.

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    My grand mother is trying to get me to move to florida . My kids a top football player here In pennsylvania . You know any HS football coaches?
    If u do , just email me .

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