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Old 07-28-09, 03:16 PM   #1
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Sometimes ignorance really is bliss...

I've been riding my Huffy Santa Fe around local neighborhoods for a few days feeling pretty content with my ride. There's nothing like an hour ride before work every morning to get my day off to a good start. Then I just HAD to venture to these bike forums. Now I am suddenly trying to convince myself that "dorky is the new cool" and that I do not need to spend $1000+ on a new bike. My newbie question of the day is this - when did you take the plunge and invest in a "real" bike? I'm riding for enjoyment and fitness and literally just started 3 days ago on my totally rockin' Huffy that my mother-in-law gave me and is likely from the 80's. I don't plan to race or do rides of more than a couple hours at a time. I'm not looking for speed either - I'm ok with riding at a slow/moderate pace and upping my gears to get my heart rate up (I'm using a Polar F6 to monitor).

Oh yea, the introduction. Hi all, name's Amy and I'm in Alabama. And what's this I hear about a "secret" women's forum? Weird.

Anyway, I've learned a heck of lot from reading these forums so far and look forward to gaining more confidence on the road and improving my fitness.
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Hi Amy, from another newcomer. About ten miles from here, at a place called Formby, is a fantastic new bike shop, all chrome and glass. The building cost millions, apparently. I went in recently to buy a new chain (last of the big spenders) and took a look around. There were bikes there costing 1000, 2000, 3000, and even 4000. They were all dark grey (presumably the natural colour of carbon fibre), and totally characterless and boring. I wouldn't have swapped my 1976 Dawes Galaxy or 1982 Hercules for the contents of the entire shop. It seems that cycling has entered a brave new world, and I don't want to go there. In this country, it was an activity for the working people, and a means of getting around without spending a fortune. I love my old bikes, and I'm sure you love your Huffy. Even the name is magic - an American icon. We should always have total confidence in the things which make our lives worth living, don't you think?
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Hi Amy,
I'm new to the forum too. I've been away from bikes for a long time and back when I was young and riding every day, training, working at a bike shop, doing centuries (sponsered 100 mile rides) almost every weekend and generally riding was my life, for some reason I looked down my nose at the "Huffy" riders of the world. I AM SO SORRY I WAS LIKE THAT! Everyone gets their enjoyment differently and who am I to cast dispersions. You enjoy the H*** out of your bike and don't even think you need to "upgrade" unless it is not working for you. This forum, I think, will be a good place for you to find others with whom you may trade ideas and experiences that will give you the informatin you need to make any informed decisions you may ponder.

My two cents..............ENJOY
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I still haven't upgraded
I have a mid-to-upper level 80's road bike, which seems to work for me.

If you enjoy the ride, keep it up on that bike till you need to upgrade. Just keep an eye out for a nice deal, and be looking for what you want. A more streetable bike will let you venture to further distances in your "given hour"
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Old 07-28-09, 07:56 PM   #5
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Another newbies input

This is actually my first post on BF. I recently went out and laid down $1000+ on a new bike. I've only had it for a week and an totally addicted As long as you enjoy riding that's all that matters. Once you buy a new bike and get hooked it only goes down hill from there(no pun intended). I'm not talking fun, I mean $$$.


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Welcome to bike forums...
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Old 07-29-09, 08:43 AM   #7
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Thanks everyone! Got another hour ride under my belt this morning and am SO happy to have dragged that old bike out of the shed. I am waiting for the bike shop to laugh at me when I take it in for a tuneup, but oh well!
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Amy, First off welcome to the Bike Forums. You'll find some that need to have the last thing presented at the latest industry fair, but just as many (most likely many more) that just love their old bike. Even those that do still lust after the latest model most will keep the old ride as well if they can.
Originally Posted by GulfCoastAmy View Post
I am waiting for the bike shop to laugh at me when I take it in for a tuneup, but oh well!
Real deal - If anyone at the local bike shop (LBS) laughs at you or your bike, it's time to find a new store to take your business to. Good luck and keep going!
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The difference between a bike and a computer, is that you can understand how it works just by looking at it (except how it balances). Spend a few $s on some tools and do the adjustments yourself with the aid of Sheldon Brown and Park Tool Your rides will become more enjoyable and you will learn what to look for in another bike. Good luck!
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