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    Hello from Ohio.

    I'm here to introduce myself.
    My name is Kyle Gibson.
    I'm from austintown, ohio.
    Well, ever since I could remember, my dad has always had this old road bike in our garage.
    It's an old panasonic sport 500.
    Not the most beautiful bike in the world, but it goes.
    Well, I was looking around the internet one day, and I found this site, and I started looking around.
    And I liked what I saw.
    So I went out into the garage and dug it out of the back and looked at it.
    I filled up the tires (I'm surprised they still held air!) and i hopped on it and went for a spin around the block.
    I loved it!
    So I took it down into my bike room ( I BMX too, it's where I work on my bike) and I started fixing it up.
    So, I started cleaning all the surface rust and greaseing and oiling things and I switched out the brake cables. The levers were both broken so I put an odyssey trigger lever on there for now. (haha, It looks funny, but the brakes stop really good) Then I went and bought some new tires because the sidewalls on the old ones were dry rotted.
    Then, I got to the bars, and they look strange compared to the bars i've seen on other road bikes, they're like, horns? Idk how to explain it.
    But i looked around and found out they were cut down and flipped over.

    My only problem is the seat. It's very uncomfortable.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on a more comfortable seat?

    haha, sorry for rambling, I'm sure no one wanted to read that much.
    But anyways, I wanted to just introduce myself.

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    Bullhorn handlebars are popular with some people.

    For a saddle, unfortunately it is an individual thing. Many of us (including me) like Brooks Saddles I use a B17, a B17 Imperial and a Champion Flyer on different bikes.
    Slow Ride Cyclists of NEPA

    People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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