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    Motobecanes anyone? A NEWBIE- born in B'klyn - stuck south of Boston!

    Greetings all. I'm new here and new to forums in general.
    I tinker with bikes, like to ride. Buy or find, fix and sell.
    I ride an old Diamond Back mountian bike, modified a little for comfort, and a Schwinn 3 speed.
    Started in high school (Midwood in B'klyn) with a La Pierre "Tour du France" from Carl Hart's!
    Try to make a few extra $$ here and there selling off good bikes to good people and might find a hidden jewel for myself or my son.

    So right now I got what I thought would be an easy flip. I've had the damn thing for WAY too long now.
    Been trying to sell it on craigslist.
    It's a mid '70s Motobecane "Nomade II". Almost mint! A few minor scratches and nicks. Hardly used.
    ....with a 65cm frame!
    Any ideas? Coments?
    Any [i]TALL[i] people out there?
    I also have a Motobecane Le Vale just like the one this old thread:
    I'd like to find out a $ value for these critters.
    I got an idea, but I could be wrong.
    What do the experts have to say?!?!

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    Welcome to Bike Forums. We have an appraisal thread in the Classic & Vintage forum, you can post your questions there.
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    Does the ignore feature just replace all of the poster's text with "Said something stupid" because that would be awesome.
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