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Thread: Wussuuuuup!

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    LOL I feel like its the first day of school. (I stand up and say) HI I go by Pepper, Im 29 years old and I live in Texas. The only bike I own is some hooptie I bought from Wal Mart Well about a year ago my peep's saw a Recumbent zippin by...I was like (cool). So long story short I whant to build my own....nope never done it before, but i Will. I've bin drawin ths things for a year now and my wife keeps on tellin me to make the sucker! Right now I have another "THING" (thats what my wife calls them) in the shop, Im working on a 1974 VW Bug. Its my first time for that to. LOL Im learnin all kinds of things. Anyways for now thats who I am in my free time. I'll mis-spell alot and ask alot of NOOBIE Q so plz dont burn me to much

    Thanx Pepper

    PS lol I like this Smile dude

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    WELCOME!!pepper. Good luck on restoring the BUG and designing a recumbent. Don't worry about spelling and stuff like that. Most of us don't know how to spell anyway. Just get it close and we'll figure it out.

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