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    cycling radio host [new to list]

    howdy, folks, and greetings from central iowa.
    although i am new to this forum, i am hardly new to cycling: i began riding when i was two, oddly enough on a little blue fixed-gear bike with solid rubber tires. oh, the things one remembers, eh?

    anyway, i came here to this forum [and joined] specifically to learn more about my next purchase, a racing tandem. i had a connondale tandem that we raced in the late 80s and early 90s, and had great fun, and won a number of races along the way. well, after attending masters nationals in louisville this summer, i came away convinced that tandem racing would be my next area of interest [in addition to road and cyclocross racing, i also dabble in bmx and mountain biking].

    i spent some time yesterday reading the current and older posts in the tandem forums, and began to learn the identity of the "usual suspects." it will be fun learning what you all have to offer me in the way of suggestions. to give you a head start on it, i ride a 50cm single, as does my partner. we are looking specifically for a lightweight racing frame, and have all the usual questions about best frame material, disc versus caliper breaks, gearing, same side versus opposite side chains, wheel theories, and so forth.

    but beyond that, i also host "the kim west radio cycling show," to my knowledge, the ONLY radio show in the nation devoted exclusively to bicycling. i've been around for a year and a half, and all my shows are available as podcasts or on i-tunes. you can also listen LIVE sunday evenings on AM-1460 in central iowa, or ANYWHERE in the world--as many do--at KXNO.COM sunday evenings from 600 pm to 700 pm central time.

    okay, enough for all that. i will go quietly now into the forums, popping in from time to time, offering what i can as i see fit, but will most likely focus on tandems and classic [or just plain "old"] bikes. i have 15 or so that fall in that category, the coolest of which is my 3-speed factory proto-type 1968 schwinn "mini-twinn" stingray tandem. pretty darned cool. i'll post photos somewhere, if this is the kind of place where this can be done; otherwise, i'll put up links to view this one-of-a-kind little head-turner.

    again, howdy, folks.
    --kim west

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