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    New Kid from Michigan

    Hey guys, The names Eric...been riding since i was a little guy.

    My Cycling history:
    It all started with BMXing
    I got my First BMX bike-a 1990 schwinn predator, rode the heck out of it, raced it, and eventually it got so worn out my mother snuck it into the trash.

    From there it went to other bmx bikes for example:
    GT preformer from a garage sale
    2003 Giant GFR XL i bought from my friend(got in an accident, and i have scars allover my hands from it)
    Multiple Schwinn Predators

    Then i found an Evans Hudson, Rode the heck out of that as i rode bmx. I had a 20" front wheel on it for a long time, and it would grind on the pedals...
    It got too beat up, and i tore it apart and threw it in my shop

    a few years later, i built it up again and rode it over and over again. I sold it in the summer of 2008, it was my first ratrod bike
    (Yeah, im a ratrodder)

    Since those days, i buy and sell bikes, to make a living...dont really have a job

    I'm slowly getting into mountainbiking and im getting back into BMX

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    Welcome Eric ! Sounds Great, you've got plenty of spirit, very strong ! A nephew still craves his BMXs @ 30 yrs. old, 6'1", a gym teacher. I provide him wth MBs and let'm use my R.bikes when he visits. It's funny seein' on the BMX though, he's fearless, like you !

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    Welcome to Bike Forums, Eric. Check out the BMX and Mountain Bike forums.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xerum 525 View Post
    Now get on your cheap bike and give me a double century. You walking can of Crisco!!

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