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    New member in New York

    Hello all. I currently reside on Long Island in New York State. I started freestyle bicycle riding in the early 1980's at the ripe old age of 11. I started off on a Huffy and was able to upgrade to a Mongoose about two years later. After the Mongoose I had a Haro FST (Freestyle, Street and Track) bicycle. In 1985 I was able to upgrade to a Haro Master after receiving a sponsorship from a local bicycle shop. Basically, I just had to do some shows with some other teenagers and received discounts on bicycles and parts. I used the Master until I was around 26 years of age and pretty much stopped my freestyle riding.

    I am now 37 years of age and ride an Ironhorse mountain bicycle that I ride with my children while they ride their bicycles. I have done some tricks on it for the kids (at least I say I am doing it for the kids) but am quite limited since there is only so much you can do on a mountain bicycle. I am actually thinking of buying a Tony Hawk Homer bicycle from Target so that I can ride it when I go for rides with them and do tricks on it (for the kids of course). I can then give it to my youngest when he is ready for a 20" bicycle. He is currently 5 years of age and riding a 16" bicycle.

    I live near a large County Park and plan on actually buying the bicycle this morning and then riding with taking the kids there to ride. I will let everyone know how the ride turns out and how the Tony Hawk bicycle handles the abuse of my 5' 11" and 200 pound body either in this thread or a new one. For now, take care and happy riding to all.

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    Welcome to Bike Forums! We have a lot of NY riders here. Check out the BMX forum and don't forget to post some photos of you doing tricks "for the kids".
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