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    Hello from Seattle

    Quick intro before I post my questions in the "single gear/fixed" forum, so if you're inclined to say "hello/welcome" you can do that there, but its not really necessary so no worries (since I prolly will not be checking this thread).

    Born in Krakow, Poland I can't remember ever being w/o two wheels in my life....I've owned about 10 bicycles in my life (some of the most interesting ones: a "Pelikan" folding bike, restored a '66 Stingray and '56 Corvette and had a way too nice for me aluminum/carbon cycle cross bike).

    I've also owned over three dozen motorcycles, including 5 Ducati's, one of which was a pre production round case bevel head, 5 bmw's and lots of other japanese vintage bikes, all restored, cafe'ed or street fightered out by ya, I like projects and learning new stuff (why I'm here). I also like cars and have owned some old American classics as well as new German imports so I might be able to answer questions about things with motors.

    I know this is a bicycle forum and some of you may not like or care about things with motors so I'll tell you my current ride and reason I am here...Peugeot. I'm mostly a lazy, less then 10mi per ride, fair weather joy commuting, no racing, etc. I've worked for both of the Seattle alt weekly papers and seeing so many of my co-workers ride single speed bikes it peaked my interest... To see pics of the bike I just picked up and maybe give me some ideas see the "fixed/sg" forum and look for "Oh no, I just got a Peugeot - Have questions/need ideas".

    Thanks for a grt forum with lots of info, Peter.
    Lucifer, Cane Corso Italiano

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    Welcome ! You do like to keep your hand in it, don't you. Funny what you wrote about the Peugot, THAT I would keep as a rider, "fix" something else I'd say.

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