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    Munich Germany (formerly Portland OR, Texas)
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    Howdy from an American in Munich Germany


    I'm an American originally from Texas (but I claim Oregon more as my 'home')

    I've been in voluntarily working in Munich Germany since May 2001 employed as a software engineer. why? just to try it out... my ancestors came from Germany about 120-150 years ago and i studied German in high school and i just had an interest in living abroad, so i decided to give it a try... i'll be another 1-3 years i think...

    Massachusetts 9 months (2000-'01)
    Portland Oregon 3 years ('97-2000)
    Texas - Austin, Dallas, Houston (-1997)

    i currently own 3 bikes:
    1) '98 Norco Torrent hardtail - everything's been replaced at least twice - i ride this bike about 90% of the time for off-road and most commuting
    2) '99 Raleigh aluminim racing bike w/ Campi/Sachs
    3) '89 Stumpjumper - my 'old' mountain bike turned city bike that i really only ride when a friend visits or i'm afraid of theft late at night

    ...and i've been contemplating buying a full suspension for about 2 years now, but they're so heavy (except the really expensive ones)

    i currently commute to work about 10km(6.2 miles) each way, averaging about 4.5 days/week... about 90km/week

    i've been regularly commuting by bike since about 1996.

    i used to keep track of my miles, but now with 3 bikes it's harder, but i guess i've consistently ridden over 5,000km per year for the last 4 years. and plan to continue for the next few years at least...

    plus i do some racing although i was never up to the pro level and i'm not as competitive as i was a few years ago...:
    ** XC mountain bike racing (Sport class)
    ** times Hi-Tech Adventure Race (Portland '98, California '98, best finish: 9th in Portland '99 as the #1 non-pro team)
    ** Sea2Summit 100 mile point-to-point race '99 (Vancouver to Whistler BC)
    ** 3 triathlons (Oregon Xterra off-road '99)
    ** assorted off-road duathlons (MTB/trail running)
    ** a few assorted winter races - snowshoe/crosscountry skiing duathlons
    ** ski touring race Jan 2002 in German Alps with 1950m (6500ft) vertical
    ** various trail running and some road running races
    ** some road bike racing (US Cat IV)

    in addition i do lots of other sports:
    ski touring
    rock climbing
    downhill skiing
    cross country skiing

    pretty much any sport outdoors that's active and doesn't involve motor vehicles i probably do...

    this summer i'm hoping to do an Alp Crossing ride of 6-10 days riding from southern Germany through the Alps to northen Italy - there are many routes, but i'm looking for the one with the most singletrack

    plus i'll probably do a week bike tour in Italy/

    i've been almost car-free (meaning it sat in the driveway most of the time) for 3 years and totally car free for 9 months (although it's easier in Germany with the train)

    anyhow, i guess that's some info there...

    if anyone's in Bavaria, i'm always looking for people to ride with or ski touring or climbing or whatever


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    Not far from the Withlacoochee Trail. 🚴🏻
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    Welcome to BF. Sounds like you stay busy and are having a great time enjoying life. :thumbup:

    One of my co-workers read your intro and is jealous. He is 29 and has been to Switzerland 2 or 3 times. He would like to live there (or almost anywhere in Europe) but has no marketable skills. Too bad.

    I am living proof that if you catch prostate cancer early, it can be reduced to a temporary inconvenience, and you can go back to a normal life. - General Norman Schwarzkopf and me

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    Welcome on board Nathank. Another one from Southern Germany! You are definitely in the right place, I'm not - no hills up here Still, are you doing the Gardasee Bike Festival this year? You are only a couple of hours away - you lucky so and so!
    If you want spectacular results, you have to know how to treat your bike badly.

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