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    Hello from colorful Colorado

    My name is Steve and I live in Golden, Colorado. I have been a bike addict for about 6 months and I thought I was in a 12 step program but I had 12 bikes by August.
    I refurbish a lot of Schwinn bikes, Cruisers & Townies but I also dabble in some customs and did my first paint job (which I posted about the wonders of using Lacquer).
    I have been stalking the forum long enough so now I joined.
    I also have an Aprila Tuono sport bike and VW eos so I am sure that will help with all of you profiling me.
    I have 2 bike web sites and (just an idea but I am getting hits).
    I do web design and programming to make a living and blow it playing with bikes.
    Nice to meet you all!
    This is my Schwinn unknown, was painted black with metal flake and I could not find any markings as it was sanded and prime applied way back when. After stripping I thought it was cool and just left it metal, use a secret formula to keep the rust away (shotgun oil)

    This is my skip tooth Monkey Wards Hawthorne
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    Welcome to Bike Forums, Steve! I think twelve bikes qualifies you as a certified addict.

    Post a photo of your unknown Schwinn in the Classic & Vintage forum, they can probably help you identify it.
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    So Tom only hires people that are nutty? Is part of the requirement to be a moderator on this site is that you have to be nuts??
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