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    So I'm getting a CX frame with my tax return...

    ...and after all the research I finally had to join a forum of some sort for some questions.

    Thanks for having me! I'm finally @ the point where I know what KIND of bike I want, but now I need some component help.

    Keep in mind I'm your average (glass of water) @ 5'10", 160, 25 years old. Hoping to use this as an excercise/commuter/budget bike.

    Hoping to spend the least amount possible while having a bike that shouldnt give me too many quality issues. And I want something unique...where if you walked up to it you might scratch your head a bit.

    Gearing is gonna be 1x10/9 depending on the components I guess. This is my first "real" bike, but every other bike I've had I don't usually mess with the front cogs at all. And its a few less parts to buy, and it simplifies the bike a bit.

    So I'm thinking a Nashbar X frame to start. matte black, no decals, etc. I like the look, and might be ordinary enough to maybe trick a random bike thief...

    Now the one thing I do want is a somewhat nice shifter. If I'm gonna spend some money on this thing, I'd at least want to feel like I kinda put money into it. Nothing too crazy, maybe some SRAM rival or something. Hate to sound cheesy, but I remember how sweet it felt to feel one of those nice shifters on friends bikes. But comparing Shimano to SRAM to Camp etc and worrying about compatibility, etc is making my head spin.
    I'm also thinking drop bars (priceline), and I'm just gonna pick up a carbon fork at my LBS for 100 installed.

    As for RD, crankset, cassette, wheels...I'm basically wide open and am just basically scouring the internet for killer deals. I want something that's fairly reliable/versatile, and am in no rush to get things here and there.

    For my use, I was thinking a high 30s chainring up front, and a 11x32 for the back. Does that sound ok for occiasional trail (when I go back home to Napa, CA which is a VALLEY) or should I go for something bigger in front/back? I live in Sacramento CA, which is mostly flat.

    Other than that, I don't know where to go from here. Is there some place besides google, eBay, Craigs,, nashbar, etc for bike stuff? Some known cheap site that I dont know about? And what parts should I be prioritizing on finding first/together?

    Well, I know that was longer than you expected. But I knew this thread would at least get alot of views, and I want alot of input lol. Usually you get noobs that are too vague in forums, eh?
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    Welcome to Bike Forums.
    Thanks for joining.
    Post some pics when get the bike together.
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