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    My name is Holly. I live in Bradenton Florida. I bought my first mountain bike in 1984. I rode quite a bit back then on weekends with my future husband, now (after 20 years) exhusband. He was a pilot in the US Army and we moved around as expected. Anyway, we stopped ridding for some reason until we moved to Germany in 1992. I arrived 9 weeks after he did upon which time I found out that he had gone to the Post Exchange and spent $1800 on a new Cannondale! Holy Crap, REALLY $1800? I could NOT believe it. Thankfully he was a officer and we could afford it. About a year and one kid later (our second) I decided I wanted a new bike as well. We went off to the Post Exchange, they had a large selection as this was before the closing of so many of our bases and the selection was not only large but they carried top end bikes. I bought a Schwinn Series 90PDG based on the componet group and, I am a girl, the color. I think I paid $675 for it, don't ask me why but that figure pops in my head every time I try to remember. We also bought a Cannondale trailer for the kids and off we went to many happy weekends riding around our local area. For some reason we stopped riding and the bike moved with us from home to home and I still have it. I rode it around my neighborhood once in awhile after we moved to Florida and even took it in for a tune up about a year ago. That is till 3 months ago! I'm HOOKED on riding again. I have been riding as much as I can and want to ride even more! I decided to go have a bike fitting last Friday, man was that the best $40 I have EVER spent. I know your knee should have a slight bend in it at the bottom but boy they raised my seat another inch pulled it forward just a touch and changed out my stem so I wasn't reaching forward so far forward and it is like riding a whole new bike. I don't know why I hung on to this bike for 16 years and I REALLY can't believe I didn't trade it in on a new model but I am THRILLED that I still have it and now won't even consider getting rid of it.

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    Cheers Holly, welcome to Bike Forums. And welcome back to the addiction!

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    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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