i was just reading onetinslothīs thread about getting hit on the head on the way home.. i was looking forward to visiting NY.. but i am less enthusiastic, right now.. but hey heīll get over it and i will cross the pond. regardless of the bad peeps everywhere. itīs just so strange that everybody is so agreeing on that, it was lucky that he swerved and left..if he had bodychecked him, i think his buddies would have laughed, and the jaywalker would have broken a hip..idunno..let it go..
hey everybody..
things bike related:1 rocky mountain mtb, 1 bilenky cargo bike, 1 ti frame full record, my commuter is a ī76 grebart(local builder) trackbike 50*18, and i am building a crossbike..oh. and i play music..