I've come across this forum while looking for information on adjustment of SPD cleats, having recently made the switch from toeclips to clipless (after 35+ years riding with toe clips). I ride mountain only these days. Toe clips work great, in my humble opinion, except for when having to bail out on really steep stuff (which I find a lot of here in the hills of CA). This being why I made the switch, as I'm attempting steeper and steeper hills and tiring of falling over when I run out of gas 2/3 way up.

There is a lot of information on this forum for foot/knee/hip problems associated with clipless pedals.....maybe there is an important message there. I've had a problem with a numb little toe area on one foot since I switched. I've been moving the cleats around and loosening the shoe binding (laces with velcro across the top a.k.a. Shimano M5x mountain shoes) to no obcious avail.

Anyway, I'm going to start trying the various other remedies found on the forum before I post knew thread on the subject (or buy a different pair of shoes...Specialized makes a new one "Sawpit" that I originally was looking at but found a good deal on the Shimano).