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    Newb in southern CA looking to get into biking.

    Hey there! I'm Yalborap. The 'nerdier' amongst you might recognize me from such places as the Penny-Arcade forums, or RPG.Net's.

    I'm just another guy, in the prime of his life and looking to finally break free of the tyranny that is rides, buses, and slow slow walking. My biggest problem is living in the unholy desert that is southern California, but I see people on bikes here even in July(if only occasionally), so I can only figure it can be dealt with somehow.

    While I'm writing this up, I'll say this: I don't know if it's because the readership here is a bit older on average or what, but this is by far the best, friendliest, most literate forum I have ever found through just googling blindly instead of getting a recommendation from someone I already knew. I definitely think I'll like it here.

    So...Yeah. You'll probably see me around a bit, though I'm a bit more of a lurker than a rampant poster. On the personal side, my hobbies include videogames, roleplaying games(think Dungeons & Dragons), computers, and photography.

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    Hello and welcome!

    From your description it seems Commuting and Living Car Free subforums might be of interest to you. And maybe the regional forum of SoCal, to get you started on dealing with the heat. But feel free to lurk and post wherever you desire!

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