I've been benefiting from the vast knowledge of the BF community for the past year or so, and I finally thought it was time to join up!

I currently ride a fixed-gear Raleigh Rapide (two brakes). It has a a flip-flop hub, but it hasn't gone back to the singlespeed side since I flipped it a year ago. It's great for getting around town quickly.

My current project is reconditioning a 1973 Raleigh International (pictures, progress and questions are forthcoming). The previous owner(s) did not treat it all that well. There was a solid coat of black spray paint over the whole thing, including the chrome parts! Once I get it looking nice, it'll be my long distance and towing bike.

Anyway, I'm nuts about lugs and I don't understand the appeal of carbon fiber. I'm Looking forward to getting involved in the BF community!