Hi, from San Diego - "America's Finest City".

I'm currently riding an old Bianchi that a friend gave me a few years ago when she was moving, and couldn't fit it in her moving van. I fixed it up, gave it a tune-up (several) and have really enjoyed riding. When I'm on it, people are always coming up and telling me what a great bike it. Between this, and riding it with friends who love riding their bikes to fun places all over the county for beers, I've really grown attached to it.

In the couple of years I've been riding it though, I've realized it's slightly too big for me, and am thinking about selling it/swapping it, so I have a bike that is better for me. I realized it was too big after a few falls.

I joined bikeforums to get input from others on the network about the best solution for my riding which is for commuting in the summer, and sheer joy on weekends.